Our terms & conditions are for orders and sales transactions through our website www.rafeandshiro.com concerning our products on this website.

By placing an order, you are complete accepting our selling conditions.

Rafe & Shiro’s withhold the right to adapt these selling conditions. If we do change the selling conditions, it will take place for orders after the day we changed the selling conditions or at thesame day.

These conditions are also available in digital form (PDF-file) on any request of the consumer by mail.


Rafe & Shiro’s is seated at 3590 DIEPENBEEK, Binnenveldstraat 106 en is enrolled in the Kruispuntbank der Onderneming (KBO) under the number: 0665.956.468.

Our VAT nummer is BE 0665.956.468 (“Seller”).
E-mailadres: rafeandshiro@hotmail.com


Each order is an acceptance of our terms and conditions by the buyer



Information about products and prices, detailled order information, are set on our website. If not, it will be included in our respons by mail.



The mentioned delivery terms are not binded, just a referal fact. No delations are our fault. It can not lead to breaking the sale or ask for claims in favor of the buyer, except in cases of on purpose delations

If products have a longer delivery date or can’t be delivered, we’ll let you know within 3 weeks, by mail. We do have the option to ship a part of the order, if we don’t have everything at that time. In case it’s not possible to deliver, the amount that the buyer payed will be payed back without an intrest fee or any other compensation.

It’s the responsibility of the buyer to give as a correct delivery address. If you made a mistake, please give us the right address before it will be send. If not, the buyer will need to pay the extra costs for the mistaken address.

The prices on my website doesn’t include the transport/delivery of the goods to the buyer. These will be separate mentioned.


Rafe & Shiro’s is not responsible for the loss or damage of the products during delivery by the Bpost. If the orders have been damaged, please let me know! Together we can work things out.


The stencils within my shop, are mine. It means you can use it for your own personal use, but not for commercial use.

I work hard on my designs and I want full credit for my hard work.


Rafe & Shiro’s will do everything to give you a perfect product. Best is to inspect our products after receiving them.

Any complaints, other noticible damages of the article, will need to be mentioned within 8 days after delivery. If not, the right to pay you back, will be canceled.

Report each complaint by mail to: rafeandshiro@hotmail.com.



If you buy a personalised gift,  you can’t opt for the right to revoque.

Yet if you don’t like it, please let me know why not. We are always updating our shop and products.

Before sending it back, give us a sign at rafeandshiro@hotmail.com, Please give a reason why you would want to send it back, we learn from feedback as well.



Rafe & Shiro’s is not responsible for delays concerning events like production interruptions, fire, technical dificulties, troubles in our stock, shortages of our stensils, transport delays, …





You can pay by Ideal, Bancontact and Visa. 

Rafe & Shiro’s can adjust the prices, offers and any other conditions as long as the order has not been placed. Buyers can’t revoque any rights on previous or futurious prices and offers.

We don’t send out any stencils, sticker sheets, before we have collected your payment. If you would like to collect the wooden signs at our office, that’s possible too. Please contact me before, so you can collect your item at the right hour we agree.

All the invoices can be payed at our office (after making an appointment by phone), at 3590 DIEPENBEEK, Binnenveldstraat 106. We only accept cash.

Product information:

All images, measurement, colors on our website are a relative fact. It can’t be used to decline the order, nor ask for compensation. We are not responsible for any mistakes, ineffective pictures. If you want any other info, just ask me.



It’s our responsibility to protect your privacy. De data collected on how you use our website, the reason why we collect your data and how to improve your user experience, will be explained in this chapter.

This privacy policy concerns on the services Rafe & Shiro’s offer. We are not responsible for other sites and sources. By using our website, you are acception this privacy policy.

Rafe & Shiro’s respect the privacy of all uses on our site. We take care of your personal information you give us and treat it confidentially.


Use of our services:

When you apply for our services, we want personal data like name, address and mail address. This is only for the service you want. This data is not combined with the data we get from you.



When you send a mail to us, these messages will be temporarily saved. In this mail we’ll ask you personal data like name, address, phone number and mail address. This makes it possible to answer you back. These type of data will be temporarily saved, until everything is in check.


Read all about it in our cookie policy.


Goal purpose:

We don’t collect or use information for other goals than the ones described in our policy, unless we gained your permission.


The information will not be directly shared with thirds, unless it’s necessary for certain services and optimalisation (like payments, database management)

If it is necessary that we, Rafe & Shiro’s should publically give your personal data to thirds, the thirds party should be obligated to use your personal data due to our regulations of our Privacy Policy.

It could also be possible that we need to give up your personal data to certain authorities. This in case of the law or in a jurisdiction or future juristiction procedure to defend our rights.

In all other cases, we at Rafe & Shiro’s will not sell your personal data to others, nor rent or pass through third parties, unless we get your consent and the third party has a data processing agreement which has the guarantees of the confidentiality and privacy conformity of your personal data.

Your rights:

  • Asking more info: If you want to know more about your rights or any other questions, you can request it at: rafeandshiro@hotmail.com.
  • Rafe & Shiro’s are happy to give you access to your personal data.
  • If your personal data is incorrect, please let us know.
  • Would you like to delete your personal data, please let us know.
  • If you don’t want to receive any newsletters, please let us know.

Safety personal data:

Rafe & Shiro’s is bonded to take physical, technological and organisational precautions to precent:

  • not permitted access to your personal data
  • loss, misuse or changing your personal data

Your personal data will be saved in a cloud in our data center.

Update Privacy declaration:

Rafe & Shiro’s can adapt the Privacy Policy any time and update without consent to a new version. It’s best to check regurly. Look at the date of the recent version.

Other websites:

This website can include other hyperlinks to other websites. We, Rafe & Shiro’s are not responsible for the privacy declaration of those sites; Check those sites (like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook) for their privacy issues.

Questions, feedback, complaints:

If you have questions about the Privacy Policy, the use on how we collect/use/process your personal data, contact us:

e-mail: rafeandshiro@hotmail.com

Through post: Rafe & Shiro’s, Binnenveldstraat 106 te Diepenbeek, Belgium

If you have any complaints on how we do it, press charges with the Privacy Commision.


This privacy declaration is based on the use and possibilities of my website. Adaptations and changes of the site, can lead to adjusting the privacy declaration. Check them regurly.

Date privacy: 01/11/2020

Each party accepts within their relations an electronic proof (mail, back-ups, …)

Right – disputes:

Every agreement between the seller and the conditions are
controlled by the Belgian Law. Our Belgian Cours is exclusivily competent.

At extra-juridical scheme, the Buyer dispute service of the FOD Economics is legislated to collect each request to extra-juridicial disputes between buyers.

They will handle the request themselves, or send it to a qualified entity. You can reach this services at this link: www/consumentenombudsdienst.be/nl

By difference of met een transboundery charachter you can apply to the Online Dispute Resolution platform of the European Union at this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr